MF5 is going Coach-Free

With more people driving and coming from outside central London, our custom coach is less useful than it used to be. So for anyone from London not driving, there are two easy options to get to the fun:
By Train

Takes just 3.5 hours from Paddington including an easy change at Exeter, and leaving every hour. Buddy up and Super Off Peak Returns are £60pp with GroupSave.

We recommend this option – here are the best times:
Prices for 4 people travelling together with Groupsave. Ignore the single fares and get the return for the best deal!
National Express

Very cheap (£19pp) and direct to Barnstaple, but longer – 6.5 hours, leaving 12 noon and returning at 11.45 on the Monday. You can also book this   via TheTrainline.
Taxis will be needed from Barnstaple to Ash Barton

hook up with each other on the WhatsApp group or by email to coordinate as these will definitely need booking in advance!