A taster of the fun at Mansionface

New workshops, experiences, installations or activities are always welcome! Here’s some of what we’ve been up to in previous years…

EsKape Room

From some of the most devious minds, a mond-bendingly khaotic and konfusing test of logik and reason…

Ambient Stage

Ghost Train

A bedouin-style sound bath of expertly curated ambient. Kick back and space out in comfort during those early hours.

Do you dare go for a ride?? Get ready for the fright of your life….

 Pool Party

Inflatables galore and gabba on the terrace. What could be better…

Hot Tubs!

What could be better than soaking those dancing legs in a bubbly tub, with booze and friends?

Rave Chapel

Two nights of top notch tunes from all your favourite DJs (that you know….)

Workshops galore 

Tasting, crafting, dancing, making. Anything you think of can be done!