Five editions in and there are loads of things which we’ve learned about how to make the most of one short weekend. Here’s the most fractical (that’s both fun and practical…) ones to read up on:

When does the party start and end?

The party starts on the Friday, with most people arriving mid-afternoon (it’s a long way from most places!). This means there’s time to settle in and explore the Mansion before dinner. An early crew always arrives on the Thursday for setup – so if you have a project to install and you can keep the party in check for one night you can head down then.

We need to be out at 10am sharp on Monday. This is usually because another group will be in immediately after us. So everyone is involved in pack-down on Sunday eve, ready for a quick exit the next morning.

How do I get there?

Trains run direct from London Paddington to Barnstaple every hour or so, taking around 3.5 hours. National Express coaches also run from London Victoria to Barnstaple in around 6.5 hours. From there it’s a short taxi ride to Ash Barton Estate : https://mansionface.party/the-venue-ash-barton/

What’s the deal with food?

Dinner is provided every night (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with each night catered by a different team of you and your fellow Mansionfacers. Help yourself to whatever’s in the kitchen at all other times – there’s generally plenty but do bring extra/specifics if you think you’ll need it. Make sure you pass on any dietary requirements well in advance!

What’s on and how do I get involved?

There are loads of spaces, stages and activities happening – check the Activities page for info. Mansionface is made by everyone so get involved! You can help out with cooking or any of the activities, or do something all of your own – just email crew@mansionface.party to let us know.

Who is this Pete guy everyone’s talking about?

Pete is your new best friend. He looks after the Mansion and will help us out with things that we need. In return you can help Pete out – by looking after the place, tidying up after yourself, and generally being the sound, respectful individuals we all know and love.

Where does recycling and rubbish go?

Simple – up the lane past the chapel, you can’t miss the bins. Anytime you see a full bin please help by emptying it – this takes two minutes but saves so much time in pack-down on Sunday.

A pool, awesome!

Yep it’s great! Open 24/7 with the key code provided in your programme. Some ground rules though: No glass poolside – no-one wants that risk! Shut the pool door behind you at all times! And always swim with a buddy!

How do we get the Mansion ready to hand back?

Pack-down happens on Sunday eve but please tidy as you party. It’s much easier to wash a few glasses each time than a whole pile after a long and heavy weekend. If you’re unsure how to help, just remember to PARTY:

  • Put out the bins when they’re full
  • Always check a room for left-behind drinks when you leave
  • Return abandoned stuff to its owner or the Lost Box
  • Take down anything that we’ve put up (it’ll be obvious!)
  • Your own room comes last – but try to pack before the morning!
You did it! You made it to the end! Great job!